Tenuta del Cigno Farm: an enchanting place
at the gates of Modena

surrounded by lavender, vineyards, fruit trees, secular and medicinal plants.
We grow Lavanda di Modena® and grapes for the production of cooked must and Lambrusco wine

With love and precious care we guard the black gold of Modena

Discover the Caveau and the battery operated service

It is our space created to preserve something truly precious: Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP, which comes from Lambrusco di Modena, Trebbiano di Spagna and Trebbiano di Modena grapes grown in the family vineyards.

"Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena needs care and love"
- Ermes Malpighi, master taster

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Organic Lavender Face Cream: the indispensable end-of-summer beauty 

After prolonged exposure to the summer sun, the skin needs to be hydrated: the face cream is the first ally, we offer it to you with organic Lavender 



The harvest has begun!

August and September are the harvest months at the Tenuta del Cigno, where the white and red grapes are grown for the production of cooked must. There is the red grape, Lambrusco di Modena, and then there are the white grapes, Trebbiano di Spagna and Trebbiano of Modena. Both are grown in the five hectares of dedicated vineyard here […]



July, it's lavender time

July is the ideal month for harvesting lavender, which at Tenuta del Cigno is also used to make essential oil and perfumed water

The only and original Lavender of Modena®

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