Christmas promo on organic Honey and Lavender of Modena®

By purchasing our gift box that contains Italian organic honey and the line of cosmetics based on organic Lavanda di Modena ®, it will be possible to take advantage of a ten percent 10% discount

For the upcoming Christmas holidays, the Tenuta Del Cigno farm offers you the Gift box which contains an exclusive selection of the best products at a discounted price: – 10%.

  • Organic Italian Honey
  • Line of Cosmetics a basis of Organic Lavender of Modena®, in particular: Shower Gel, Essential Oil, Perfumed Sachet, Hand Soap, Hair Shampoo

Natural, handcrafted products that come from organic cultivation. For a Christmas gift dedicated to wellness and self-care.

Organic Italian Honey

Honey from the Tenuta del Cigno with the scent of Thyme and Lavender, grown in the land surrounding the hives where the bees forage.
A one hundred percent product natural and handmade, which over time crystallizes and this aspect indicates its goodness and naturalness.
It's completely organic and it is not subjected to high-temperature processes: once the beekeeper has extracted the honey, i.e. removed from the comb, it is cold-processed without heating the honey and consequently altering the product.
If you present with a beautiful intense yellow color, warm and close to gold, to underline its sweetness.
Has a delicate flavor, which amazes for its authenticity, with notes of lavender, wildflowers and thyme. The scent is vaguely floral, with hints of acacia flowers, the taste is sweet and delicate.

Jar of 550 grams.

Line of cosmetics based on organic Lavender of Modena ®

La Lavender of Modena® grown on our farm is a Lavender Officinale, also known as "Lavanda Vera", with multiple property:

  • sedatives
  • inflammatory
  • antimicrobials
  • healing
  • astringents

Furthermore, it is a plant strongly aromatic and it is a excellent natural moth killer inside the linen drawers. We have chosen to cultivate it and use it to create a line of cosmetics that includes:

  • Scented bag: to perfume drawers, various environments and containers.
  • Hand soap: with a gentle and delicate cleansing action, it leaves the skin silky and velvety. 200ml bottle.
  • Essential oil: to be applied in drops to massage the temples, to be added to a spray to obtain relaxing effects, to be used as aromatherapy. Format: 10ml.
  • Hair shampoo: gently cleanses the scalp and leaves a pleasant fragrance. 200ml bottle.
  • Shower gel: with a gentle and delicate cleansing action, it leaves the skin silky and velvety. 250ml bottle.

By purchasing the entire gift box it will be possible to take advantage of the 10% discount, for a total expenditure equal to € 55,87 instead of €62,08.

If you are interested in purchasing our gift box, to get the 10% discount write to the email specifying the promo code #CHRISTMASWINTER.
We will send your package to the address you specify, including a personalized greeting card.

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