Organic honey, lavender and thyme scented

A scented field of flowers, surrounded by lavender, and fifteen hives where bees can find a natural and suitable environment for them: this is how the Italian organic honey of Tenuta Del Cigno was born, a natural and precious food for the whole family 

Put a lot together api, fifteen arnie and an extended field with fragrant flowers, lavender and aromatic herbs, and the result will be surprising: a wonderful nectar, the Honey, since Antiquity used as a sweetener and preservative, that the same ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras considered "an elixir of life". 

At the Tenuta Del Cigno farm, at the gates of Modena, a green corner where you can breathe lavender air is dedicated to the cultivation of Organic Honey. With passion and with the utmost respect for the land in which we live and for nature which, as he claimed Aristotle, "never does anything useless", we keep precious guests, the bees, and we take care of them by creating the best conditions for their survival. Fifteen welcoming and colorful hives they were built for them to be safe and for them to be able to produce honey in peace, within an environment as natural as possible. In fact, for the construction of our hives we do not use any chemical or toxic substance that could harm them. 

The Honey of Tenuta del Cigno tells the land of origin, the scents and flowers of the place where the bees have foraged: the hives are in fact surrounded by four hectares dedicated to the cultivation of Organic Lavender of Modena®, from a French garden where we are dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal herbs, And fragrant flowers. All these essences, these perfumes and these aromas "contaminate" our honey and the well-being of the bees, giving this product notes of wild flowers and aromatic herbs such as thyme. 

Good, genuine, organic

It is a one hundred percent product natural and handmade, which over time crystallizes; it is important to underline that this completely natural process indicates the good quality of the product. In short, when honey crystallizes, it is genuine! It means that it has not undergone industrial treatments and is therefore natural and authentic.
Furthermore, it is completely organic and it is not subjected to high-temperature processes: once the beekeeper has extracted the honey, i.e. removed from the comb, it is cold-processed without heating the honey and consequently altering the product. In this way all the nutritional characteristics are preserved and the product does not undergo any filtration process before being placed in the jar. 

Golden yellow, delicate flavour, intense aroma

If you present with a beautiful intense yellow color, warm and close to gold, to underline its sweetness.
Has a delicate flavor, which amazes for its authenticity, with notes of lavender, wildflowers and thyme. The scent is vaguely floral, with hints of acacia flowers, the taste is sweet and delicate.

Virtue of Honey 

  • it is a food natural, which does not require particular conservation techniques; 
  • can be used as sweetener
  • from immediate energy: a perfect ally, therefore, if consumed before intense physical activity; 
  • è highly digestible
  • is full of Vitamins, mineral salts and amino acids; 
  • in the kitchen it can enhance many preparations; 
  • Is a great one ally in case of colds and sore throats: consumed alone and/or with a teaspoon and inside herbal teas, hot milk and syrups, it can relieve the symptoms of colds and help us feel better (even if it clearly cannot replace a medicine!); 
  • its sweetness is irresistible! 

Honey in the kitchen

Photos Robert Owen-Wahl da Pixabay

Honey in the kitchen can be used in many ways: on fresh and aged cheeses, for breakfast on rusks and toasted bread, for the preparation of sauces in combination with meat and fish. 

We offer you a delicate and original recipe, but very simple to prepare: "Prawns on honey and gorgonzola sauce with Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP".   

Ingredients for 4 people:
– 12 king prawns (or prawns of your choice)
– salt and pepper (in small quantities)
– Italian Organic Honey Tenuta del Cigno
– 100 grams of Gorgonzola
- a bit of milk
- Extra virgin olive oil
– Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO Extravecchio aged 25 years

Preparation: cook the prawns in Extra Virgin Olive Oil for about five minutes, after lightly salting and peppering them. Pour a tablespoon of Tenuta del Cigno Organic Honey into a separate dish and place the previously cooked prawns on top. Prepare the gorgonzola sauce by melting the cheese together with a drop of milk over the heat, and pour it over the prawns. Finally, garnish with a few drops of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP.      

At our farm, every day of the year and upon reservation, we carry out guided tours to discover the wonderful spaces of the estate. They last from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of one hour and include:

  • visits to the ancient vinegar factories and explanation of the production techniques ofTraditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP
  • visit to all areas of the farm: vineyard, laundry, French vegetable garden, etc.
  • tasting of farm products and the possibility of purchasing them

Schedule your guided tour

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