Podere Bocchetta: the gateway to the magic of the Lavandeto di Modena

A touch of violet recalls access to a large area where the true Lavender of Modena® is grown, organic and natural. It is the entrance to the Podere Bocchetta, owned by the Malpighi family 

Podere Bocchetta Family Malpighi

Il Bocchetta farm represents the first rural settlement of the Malpighi family, inherited way back in the 1500s by this ancient and illustrious family of Bolognese origin which owes its greatest glory to the luminous figure of Marcello Malpighi

It belonged to the Knights of the Supreme Order until the early 1900s

– Malpighi family

In memory of the past, today Podere Bocchetta is the gateway to the four hectares of lavender grove of the Tenuta del Cigno farm, where the first and only organic and natural Lavanda di Modena® is grown, with a trademark registered in 2020 and from which the line of natural and hypoallergenic cosmetics is obtained for sale at theand dedicated shop

Acetaia Malpighi logo

That of the Lavanda di Modena represents a new challenge for the Malpighi family, which with the brand of the same name Malpighi vinegar factory is a leader in the production of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP. 
Faithful to tradition and the past, the Malpighi family continues to combine its history with creativity and the pursuit of excellence, through crafts with a unique and authentic style, to celebrate the Emilia area and its great excellences. As the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena DOP

La city ​​of Modena now it can "boast" another typical product, the Lavanda di Modena, grown in a magical and enchanting place that was once a migration area for swans and which today is colored purple and welcomes fragrant rows of vines.

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